Talent vs Drive??

⚠️ Warning..this is MY PERSONAL OPINION ⚠️

Guess that’s necessary to say with the climate of the world today. Everybody is so hypersensitive to opinions these days. Obviously I’m not for hate comments or agendas that tear down individuals or cultures..I’m a fair guy..if someone is a great person, they deserve all the praise they receive..but if they happen to be a douche, why do I have to censor myself in this post “No Child Left Behind” “Everybody’s a Winner” society.  (I got sidetracked) 
Anyways, I was listening to Eric Tomas (a motivational speaker) the other day, when I heard him say that drive will beat talent every time! My first thought was...”EVERY time?...really?” 🙄 
But then I started thinking and applying the message to SELF. I remember not being able to hold a note, control my vibrato, increase my volume or simply write a song. The people I damn near idolized did it with ease. The people I surrounded myself with in school sang with power, control & flexibility. And I couldn’t do any of that shit..I went through a lot of ups & downs before I stepped into my own..and now that I see the same people that I looked up to, some still have a voice. Some still have their ability to write dope lyrics..but if you judge off of execution & progress, they haven’t moved since high school. I’m definitely not taking anything away from their TALENTS but I feel like I wasn’t necessarily born with that! I think my “talent” is determination. Being able to set my eyes on a goal and do what needs to be done to achieve it! 
Like I said, this is all just opinion. But I truly feel that no matter how MUCH MORE talented you feel SOMEONE else is, if THEIR drive isn’t in it like yours is, you can run circles around them!! 

Believe and Achieve 


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