“Music is my passion, getting paid to follow it is a blessing.” 

“Pulse” is the first full length album from Mr. Marquis Green, but this artist’s lyrical talent is far from its infancy. Finding inspiration for his songs through personal loss and a deep rooted belief that his music might serve as a ministry to others, Green has melded together many of his best works in this eight track record with a recurring message of Love. 

"I might be further along musically if I hadn't gone against the grain, but I'm proud of where I am." 

Not willing to follow the status quo, the singer/songwriter proves that staying true to his art has allowed him to deliver an audible feast to be enjoyed by every culture and generation equally. There is truly something for everyone in this collection. 
Green further wows us with his diverse range with songs such as 'Never Fell' and 'Prove’em Wrong', which act as opposing ends of his vocal spectrum, while 'Pulse', the album’s namesake, conjures an impassioned vibe which flawlessly anchors this masterful compilation. 

When the message of Love again rears its head with "My Vow", an undeniably powerful song that will rightfully lend itself as a mantra for healing broken relationships, we are reminded once more of the poetic thread that binds this album together.  

“Don’t put me in a box artistically…I need to be free.” 

The timeless music featured sets itself apart from any  
acknowledged genre, yet the influence of his work is far reaching and will undoubtedly empower all who listen!


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