Validation is defined as recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.

As a creative, I struggle with this. (Can't be the only one)..When looking at the landscape of "music" in general, I can't help but feel that most "mainstream" artists focus on quantity instead of the quality of their work. Listening to hooks and chorus lines that repeat 32 times in a single song is ridiculous to me, but still it sells! I don't personally believe that EVERY song made needs to have some type of moral code, political commentary or deeper meaning..but it just feels like we're losing music with a message. Music that comforts you when you're at your lowest point. Music that celebrates you as well as its own creation. Feel good music will always be around but where's the music for your heart? Where's the music that improves your mental? Or simply lets you know that you're not alone?

Although I aim to create the music I wish to hear more of, I can't help but be fearful that it may not have an audience. Spending hours, days..YEARS creating..just to be ignored is a thought that's plagued my mind. Sacrificing time, family & friendships to focus on a dream that no one but yourself can see or understand is the ultimate leap of faith. It just gets overwhelming sometimes. The only thing that keeps me going is finding comfort in knowing that ALL life has purpose. We are given these talents, thoughts and dreams in order to align ourselves. The least we can do is stay true to those things and see how life plays out for us. The validation will come. Maybe not in the form of applause, but it's there if you're staying the course!

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